Saturday, April 01, 2006


Good evening ladies and gents. Sorry for the delay in an update on the big guys status but I had to go back to school for the first week of classes last week. As far as it goes, he is still very sick. They transferred him to the Cleveland Clinic on Monday and spent his time in the ICU there until today. This afternoon they moved him to a step down unit (in between ICU and a regular room) and he seems to be a little happier there. He is still a little out of it, but I think he is slowly coming to about how sick he is/was. Hopefully things will be able to continue progressing and he will get past this and they'll be able to get his gall bladder out (to stop this from happening again). As far as all of you, I cannot begin to thank you all enough for your thoughts and prayers as we have been going through this hard time. My family has been very thankful for all of your support. While he is not out of the proverbial woods, the signs are showing that he can make it through this. Please still keep him in mind and prayer until we are sure he is through this, but again I cannot thank you all enough. I hope all is well for all of you and I will post again if anything comes up!



Greybeard said...

Thanks Jim, and thank you "Boss Darlin'" for bringing me up to speed!

I hope we get that pesky gall bladder out soon....(who needs to store "gall" anyway?) Seems to me the "Old Man" has plenty of gall without having to store it!

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