Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hello?? Anybody out there? I got an afternoon pass from the ICU Follow Up Unit, y'see...

On March 15th I was unceremoniusly crammed into a 911 ambulance and hauled to the hospital. I had either been hit by a loaded tractor-trailer tanker (it was at least that painfull) or a case of pancreatitus. I wouldn't wish pancreatitus on Hilary Cl - well, maybe. To sum up my condition when I hit the hospital (by mangling Eastwood); "Dying ain't much of a living...." And I was dying when I hit the hospital. Complete renal failure, 75% necrotic tissue in the pancreas that had to be surgically removed, fed only by hoses through my nose (GOD I hated that....).
And I've been in the hospital ever since. Bouncing back and forth from ICU to recovery... Can't have a computer there, so this is the first chance I've had to update this. Have to head back now - will post when I'm turned loose and haven't gone back to work yet....

Update - 7/18/06
I was WAY too close to cashin' in all my chips when they cut me open. Doc told me that the survival rate for the E-ticket ride I took was somewhere between 10 and 15%. Not sure, because "we don't see this often so we're flying by the seat of our pants. Not much in the literature on it....."


Greybeard said...

Yeah, of course we're still out here!
And I think you'd be proud of us for establishing the network we've set up to keep tabs on your whereabouts.

Question is, how soon are you gonna quit this layin' on your back? It's one thing to do it just because you wanta be a's a whole 'nother thing to be doin' it for some masochistic reason! (Okay, that's ugly, I know. As "Larry the Cable Guy" would say, "Lord, I'm sorry for sayin' that!")

Time to get better, pal.
Time to get back to really livin'.
Does your health have your complete and undivided attention now?

Post as soon as you comfortably can. We're all lookin' forward to your next!

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