Thursday, July 20, 2006

Jayzus Keerist... a purple and teal Humvee. Dear God, please save us from those who are sure they know what is best for our society... Is the Ninth Court REALLY functionally brain disabled? One can only hope the Supremes don't buy off on this pschidt......

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Mojo said...

OOOOOOOOO. I don't know how you find this stuff, but I need to get on it.
2) By showing preferential treatment of a particular group, the gov is in fact creating discrimination (this time in their favor) and more hatred and bigotry towards them
3) Despite the fact I wouldn't have worn the shirt (personal beliefs don't always have to be held in the public eye) That kid had every right to attend classes as usual that day. Fuck that school (as well as the college that tried (read succeeded and reversed) throwing the student out for the celebrate diversity shirt
4)If a white kid in an all black school wore a bigitous shirt to school, he would get his ass kicked and it would be his right to get it kicked and to press charges later (as long as he wasn't instigating it beyond the shirt)
5) I hate John Kerry
6) The 9th circuit seems to suck at their collective job (or so it would appear to the casual observer 12 out of 15 thrown out by the supreme court??????? thats not even good enough to make league minimum in MLB)
7)I really hope this kid wins his case cause it is all totally BS
8) with all the "kid diddling" going on in today's society, what is a school doing with a homosexual ass. principal (chuckles to self)
9)If one were in that position (again chuckling to self; people in office looking at me funny) as an asst. prin. why would you ever let anyone know what you did outside of the HIGHSCHOOL?????
10)Now you forced me to blog about this too!
11) If they come after guns, at least I'll be protected b/c weapons are used on so many white catholic males during the commision of crimes.....