Friday, August 18, 2006

Slip slidin' away....On the flyin' poo..

Well, had my sleepin' Oh-two test last night where they put you on an Oh-two saturation monitor that reads your blood gases non-intrusively while you racked out and records the result. Supposed to be 88 or better for all but 5 minutes/hour. Out of the recorded 8 hours, I logged 7 hours and 25 minutes UNDER 88 with a low of 73. Think I flunked.....
On da upside, my boss and team leader are stoppin' by Monday to deliver a thumb drive that should give me access to the sooper seekrit e-mail account I have at work and the intranet. So I can start workin' at home at least part time. Have to keep workin', can't afford mentally or fiscally to retire right now.... Can't bend well enough to fit into my Saturn due to the stoma; and Son has about killed the Sonoma with about 190K so the Saturn's in the shop to get a new clutch and then he gets the her. Which means I have to get another ride for myself - won't be physically ready for the bike until next spring it looks like. Luckily, the minivan and bike are both paid off so I have some cash flow to pay a used car note from.
Started givin' myself my injections in my belly so wife doesn't have to worry 'bout it. She can handle that. Have another MRI and surgeon's appointment on Friday

But it's all good - not in hospital and still alive. I'll take it....

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