Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Another Senate bill to rant on!!

Y'all are gonna LURVE this one! H/T to

Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) has introduced Senate bill S.3633, the PUNT Act (Protection against United Nations Taxation). Co-sponsored by a broad group (mostly Republicans, wonder why?) the bill would "require the withholding of United States contributions to the United Nations until the President certifies that the United Nations is not engaged in global taxation schemes." If I recall my Revolutionary War history correctly, one of the "root causes" was taxation without representation. So, like, we should give our tax money to the biggest group of corrupt ass-monkeys (with the possible exception of Congress) in the world? The same group we give 22% of their base budget to so their diplomats can eat at 5-star restaurants? The same bunch of bunghole-surfers and rapists that want a billion dollars to refurbish their Turtle Bay HQ?? Screw 'em, sent 'em to Haiti or the Hague. Irrelevance, thy initials are UN...
Make sue your senators know how you feel about this one - unless you have money in excess... Then e-mail me, I can help.


There is one forward thinking country that has already instituted an international tax on air travel. Don't know if Turtle Bay is the recipient, but I would imagine the revenues go there as part of the UN dues. Of course, the French take the trains everywhere, so it pretty much a tax on American tourists and business travelers. Note this quote from Peter Wahl, an official with the German NGO World Economy, Ecology & Development (WEED)(snicker):

Wahl writes, "[T]he French initiative has now sparked a new dynamic. A strategy based on a plurilateral approach is proving successful: starting out with a 'coalition of the willing,' a lead group is paving the way for and promoting the project, without first waiting for a universal consensus to emerge."

Kinda makes ya think they see us as sheeple, don't it?

Time to go out into the backyard and scream.....

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