Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Money Matters

In keeping with the DD blog tradition of writing anything about anything, todays subject is finances. PERSONAL finances.

Do you belong to a credit union? If not, do yourself a favor and see if you're eligible for a local one. Fees are lower, loans are more reasonable - hell, mine even pays me interest on my checking account instead of charging me for having one. Gives me 0.5% break on loan interest if I have the payment direct-deposited. I can pay the loan off early without penalty (knocked a 15 year mortgage off in 10 1/2 years. Saved a lot of money). The dirty little secret is that credit unions are non-profit, so they don't try to squeeze the last centavo out of you. ATM access was a hassle but the CUs are banding together and forming no-fee systems of ATMs. Yhere probably is a credit union tailor made for you - why not check it out?

(Usual disclaimers - I don't work for a CU or get paid by one. I just think it's a better deal than the commercial banks.)

1 comment:

Greybeard said...

Good advice, Old Man.
Some CU's are available to folks just because of where they live.
Certainly worth looking into.