Wednesday, September 13, 2006

S.2590 Part II

If you look in the archives, you'll find a rant about a Senate proposal to create a searchable on-line database of all the contracts and grants the US gov has let. And you will find that "I Don't Care What It Is, Name It After Me" Byrd and "$250,000,000 Bridge to an Island with 50 Inhabitants" Stevens had put seekrit holds on the legislation so it wouldn't be voted on.

Byrd has lifted his hold. Stevens who is a member of the committee that unanimously passed it did not. Claims he wants to see a "cost/benefit" analysis first. Seems to me that at an estimated cost of $4,000,000 to build the database and $2,000,000 to run/year, we could benefit by keeping our eyes on all these profligate power freaks for about 123 years for the cost of that proposed bridge from Ketchikan. Course, that means that the Senate would try to hide the most egregious bacon in the "black budget", but that goes on anyway. Write your Congresscritter and tell them you want that database. You'll be glad you did......

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