Saturday, September 30, 2006

TV has dumbed itself AGAIN

I see where MoreShitfromNBC has decided to screw with Veggietales. Based on the Bible, one of MSNBCs criteria for showing the series to its 6 dozen viewers was a stripping-out of all non-historical references to the Bible and elimination of the tomatos closing statement that God loves all of us.
I'd be more impressed if they showed Muhammed cartoons.... At least then they would appear to sport a pair. But they know that fundamentalist Christians aren't like Islamofascists and they have nothing to fear from the Christians - no matter how shabbily their beliefs are treated. Afraid that some-one, some-where MIGHT be offended by the reference to God - but the network is going to broadcast Madonnas crucifixtion video. Baptisits won't burn the studio. CAIR might talk to us nasty and claim that their "yoots" can't be controlled if anything is said about the Religion Against Peace....

Horseshit. They just want the crocodile to eat them last.

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Islamonazi CAIR Intimidates Yet Another American Business In Dhimmitude - MSNBC video

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