Thursday, October 26, 2006

I Shan't Hold My Breath

I see that Col. Day, a Vietnam POW and patriot, has filed suit in Philadelphia to force the Flopper to prove his war crime allegations that he parlayed into a Senate "career" - at least as a placeholder to the Admiral of the Chappaquidick Submarine Fleet. This has been tried before, but the slippery waste of oxygen has slipped out from under before this. Money doesn't talk, it hollers, and thanks to his second gigolo marriage, he can shout Justice right out of existence. So I won't hold my breath waiting for a real verdict.

He also thinks he has drawn the fangs of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. Must grind his liberal guts that the guys he should be closest to in this life, his comrades from the war, hate and despise him. Well, at least 120 out of 124 do. Maybe you can't get comrades in a 4-month tour - I collected a few in my 23 months in the RVN....... He says he's ready to blow 'em out of the water this time... I'm lookin' forward to the 2008 elections. The blood in the water will be great. No prisoners will be taken and prisoners will be shot.

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