Sunday, October 08, 2006

Obscenity deleted

Rats. I have a great little Compaq laptop (let's hear it for wireless!) that I've been keeping this blog up on. Seven days ago I tried to update the blog on my laptop and it proceeded to keep shutting itself off. This is not normal. So on Tuesday I took into into the Comp USA where I had purchased it. Today I got a phone call from them stating that the local repair unit couldn't square it away, so it's off to the Big House for a week-and-a-half to two weeks (they said). I purchased the extended warranty, and will keep you folks updated on what happens.

I see where the party of Shrillary and the Moore-ons had a very interesting photo of a soldier on the DNC Military and their Families page. I think it's absolutely great that the Democrats support the uniformed services. But I think they should support the US military, not the Canadian military. Seems if they're such great boosters, the Democrats should be able to tell the difference and know what our guys wear..... But maybe they plan on gutting the US military like the Canadian military was if they are ever elected and use the same uniforms as a cost-cutting measure.

L&T wife just informed me (as an aside) that I'd had 7 units of blood during my surgery. She ALWAYS gets sucked in to "Extreme Makeover Home Edition", so I have time to do a little surfin' and a post here. Missed this thang.... Take care.

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Greybeard said...

Planned obsolescence....

Number one son and I both have laptops. His is the whiz-bang, Flash Gordon, gargantua memory, faster than a speeding bullet-Dell. Mine has an on button and downloads my email and allows me to update my blog-Dell. Laptops are wonderful, and neither of us would care to give ours up.

He also has a desktop that he uses to download videos while he is off to school/work. Last week the "Motherboard" on the deskdop failed.
To fix it? $350.
BUT, we have good news:
We can get a brand new, garguantuan memory, whiz bang desktop for only $499, and we won't have to worry about all those other electric gremlins that could pop up on the old machine. No brainer- we bought the new one.

I bet you find the same problem with your Compaq. When it happens, go outside and scream, then blog about it, please.