Sunday, November 19, 2006

Razzlefradjit Redux

Well, Blogger finally let me back in - and I'm rantless.... OSU/Michigan was a helluva game yesterday - I know Woody and Bo watched at the Bear's place. Bet Woody got snarky...

Today is the first game in the two-game season known as the Browns-Steelers. Both teams are 3-6, so the mavens are telecasting the game only to 8% of the country. Their loss. The records of the teams are never an indicator of the quality of the games - a predicted close-fought game often turns into a rout and vice versa. Perfect day for it, too. Cold, windy, and rainy. Son is headed down to the game with one of his buds. Dad is staying home where it's warm.... Should be a good 'un.
UPDATE - The bloody offensive line collapsed again, the D was out-freakin'-standing and Cholly didn't throw no interceptions. The Browns lost in the last 3 minutes.... Too bad our draft gurus suck rox.

Republicans haven't learned from the 2006 election mess - they're actin' like the electorate wants more of the same ol' same ol'. Bela Pelosi had her nose pushed in - girl, the game has changed in the last 12 years. The NY/LA Times can't provide covering fire anymore - you'll be called to account for your actions, not the spin. Enjoy.

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