Sunday, December 10, 2006

Behind the Curve - again

Just picked up a primo idea from the Gray Dog. He thinks that Dennis Kucinich (Congresscritter - Mars) wasn't too far off in his desire to have a Department of Peace in the Cabinet. Just do it THIS way:
1. Department of Defense goes back to pre-1949 name of Department of War. Self-explanatory.
2. Department of Homeland Security is re-named Department of Defense. That's their job, defending the USA from internal and external threats. FEMA ain't part of it, but border-patrolling is. First response is a local issue, not federal. Nowhere in the Constitution does it allow FEMA to get funding from the federal till - the states have to do it.
3. The new Department of Peace is the old State Department. Replace all the striped-pants, UN-first and moral-equivalency azzoles with engineers, technicians, logisticians, environmentalists, doctors and cops - all qualified to train others for the countries we send them to work in. Let them do the nation-building shit (along with the Peace Corps and VISTA) that our military wasn't trained specifically to do - although the military's doin' a helluva job at it. Give them timetables for withdrawal, not the War Department.

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