Sunday, January 28, 2007

BP now 194 over 110

How damnably dumb does the Lame Stream Media think most of us are? No, I'm not referring to American Idol or Survivor: East Jabbabba (although a case can be made for them) but horse hockey "news" articles appearing in your local fishwrap like the Pud Squealer. Headline on the front page reads "INJURY COUNT IN IRAQ DISPUTED Some say Pentagon hides full impact of the war toll". Paragraph synopsis - Blah, "if ... counted soldiers hurt in crashes...and those so sick they required air transport, the figure would come to about 50,000, high injury rate...fighting a war that has dragged down President Bush's approval ratings, blah, wounded in hostile action...figure of 23,000-plus", blah, Barack Hussein Obamas statement, veteran shill for DEm front group Veterans for America, shill again, Pentagon replied not to shill's specific charges, Harvard reseacher and Nobel laureate both support shill numbers, more blah, more Obama, Senator-elect Sharrod Brown, denigration of Pentagon and numbers from same, more Obama, Oly Snowe, more Brown and then more Obama.
Sounds like the Kos Kiddies wrote it and it was edited by an adult. Assuming they found one. But this crap of masking a Dem press release as a news story is getting older than Helen Thomas. Just remember, it only works on folks not paying attention to what's really happening and blindly accepting authority. Like Democrats.....

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