Saturday, January 20, 2007


Seems to me that anytime a politician/buttonhead/pundit uses the word "clearly" in defending or defining the position that is taken, they are gott-damned-well lying through their teeth. Clearly, my ass. Whether they are aware of that fact that they are lying or not depends on the individual. And their history. This goes for liberal/progressive buttheads, RINOs, and ego-inflated conservatives and any other zoo inhabitants (yes, Jesse and Al, I'm talkin' 'boutCHEW). Makes no difference. "Clearly" means "I intend to screw you over mentally". Be aware.

Orwell didn't know the timing, but he sure as hell had everything else scoped.... Making "progressive" the new word for liberal, "redeployment" for retreat, and "Candidate Clinton" for dangerous asshole all are hallmarks of doublespeak. Be VERY afraid - and buy a weapon to "Piss Off Pelosi". Make it a rifle.....

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