Thursday, February 15, 2007

$0.02 plain

Feeling rather hostile toward the Austrians today. Seems that they knew better than we did and sold 800 Steyr-Mannlicher .50 cal sniper rifles to Iran. It took 45 days before the first US soldier was killed by one of them. Over 100 of them have been captured in Iraq, with concomitant loss of US and Coalition personnel to hajj snipers. As Kim DuToit said, "Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, I kick your ass and your mama's ass." I fully agree with his 4 point program to get I'madinnerjacket's attention. He'd look a lot better duct taped to Fat Boy Mookie with an Iranian self-forging warhead like the ones that keep killing our people tucked into his shorts....
Next mind-numbingly stupid fixation by the libs - "Scooter" Libby's trial. Won't be happy until he's convicted of perjury like Billy Bob Clinton. Tell ya what, howza 'bout we have him plead guilty if we can spend half the time, money, and energy prosecuting Sandy Burglar? Or "Cold Cash" Jefferson? BTW - what kind of sissy nickname is "Scooter"?
Next - Death by a thousand budget cuts brought to you by the 'nadless liberal legislators. Watch as they - I mean YOU, Bela Pelosi - cheese-pare away the funds needed to run the military in Iraq without ever mustering the guts to do it openly. Every one of those azzoles should be docked pay for any time spent posturing on a non-binding resolution. Personally, I like the Nevada model - the politicos are limited by statute to a certain number of days to screw the citizens.
And don't get me started on term limits... 5 tours as a rep, 2 tours as a senator and ya have to get a real job. "But how can they deal with the entrenched bureaucrats that will outlast them in Washington?", the whiney boys cry. Simple. Every government employee above GS-14 gets randomly moved geographically every 5 years, and shuffled to another agency or bureau every 12 years. Oh, and time stationed inside the Beltway counts only half toward retirement. Any attempt to circumvent these rules will result in the offending party being busted to GS-9 (still a decent salary) and permanently assigned to FEMA. Comfortable is no way to run a country..

Time for me to dig my way out into the backyard and scream....

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