Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Follies

This Bank of America nonsense WRT illegal aliens is beyond the pale. I think the rest of the country ought to force their savings and lending institutions to allow American citizens to open accounts w/o SSN too. This crap about in-state tuition for IAs has got to stop also.
How will the banks report interest income to the IRS w/o an SSN on the account?

Murtha ought to have his shriveled wedding tackle nailed to a stump just before he is pushed over backwards.... Shrillary - never met a poll she couldn't spin - and Bela Pelosi are helping Murtha, Reid, Kennedy, Durbin-the-Turban, and Kucinich - still waiting for the mother ship - turn the legislative branch of the US Government into Klown Kollege. Of course, Shrillary doesn't hold a grudge, B. Obama. She nurses it to old age and then takes it to a taxidermist. Neither she nor her hubby ever gave a pardon to a grudge. (The grudge can't pay enough...)Way to support the Islamonazis, azzoles.

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