Friday, February 09, 2007


Been busy trying to get the medical powers-that-be to sign off on okaying me for out-of-the-office duty this week. Bloody twits are so risk-adverse, they're more confining than Hannibal Lecter's prison garb...
It would be different if I could really affect the process, but I have to work through a guy in Chicago who has to talk to somebody in Atlanta about the questions the doctor in Denver wants to ask the clinic in Akron. I CAN'T make this shit up, it's the gospel truth. As the sage reader has no doubt divined by now, I work for a bleepin' bureaucracy. So all decisions are above my pay grade and they do NOT hesitate to second-guess me. But on the whole, I like my job.

In a weird way, I'm sorry to see ANSmith died. Didn't think she was all that and a bag of chips (other than marrying the rich cat) but you'd think she'd live long enough to have her age exceed her bust measurement. I hope to live long enough for my age to exceed my height in inches....

Take care and stay warm.

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Hammer said...

Thanks for the visit.

I agree, there's something that makes me extra sad when they go young like that.