Saturday, February 17, 2007

Highly Revered Schnizznit (Holy Shit!)

Git yer butt over to the Chronicles article referenced by The Rifleman. If this does not make you fear for the future of our children and the world, nothing will. Once all the infidels are either in dhimmitude status paying jizya or dead, who will do the work and research? 7th Century theophants? IslamicPC mullahs? (They kill people for being non-PC in Islamofascist societies. THEIR 72 virgin, rape the bare-headed woman because your "passions have been inflamed", kill-the -cartoonist SUICIDE version of PC, not the definition used by American gays and liberals. Now don't tell the gays and liberals that truth, they think the Islamist nutzoids are misunderstood and should be lectured about and pandered to.) I think not. Hell, if there is ever a GOAT flu, they are dead meat. Goats over there are more ubiquitous than dogs here...... The Saudis might try to get a cure at the Cleveland Clinic, but no Allah-follower has historically made medical breakthroughs like that.

I know not what ye say, but for me, better dhead than dhimmi. Molon Labe.

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