Friday, February 02, 2007

Oh Arkin Man

Real pantsload from Wm. Arkin in the LAT. Man's entitled to his opinion no matter how muttonheaded it is. Intelligence analyst starts with anal. Never forget that. NYT managed to stomp on their wedding tackle by showing a vid of a dying SSG without prior family clearance and looks like the Fat Old Baglady is going to get over on this.

Biden is what he is. That is NOT Presidential timber ( although sometimes I worry about GWB).

Ever notice the facility with which libs can alter direction and heading verbally is a lot like Islamofascists telling different stories in Farsi and English?

Good take on the Iraq situation by the CarCon. Also love Tony Blankly's column about his view of the situation.....

And finally both Rush Limbaugh and Algore have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Neither of them is a bitter old liberal as past winners tended to be, but there is definitely hope for the darling of the Warmies.

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