Saturday, February 24, 2007

Saturday Schnizzle

Well, is anybody surprised that the Grey Bag Lady has been twisting the news for at least 50 years? Between Google *spit*, the various Times, and the Ass Press, I have to wonder if the American people have any better access to news of what's really happening in the world than the Chinese do... No wonder the reptilian Overlords of the Media are so hot to strip us of our First (McCain-Feingold ring a bell?) and Second Amendment (Rudy G. and the NYT anyone?) rights.

The Rifleman has a good piece about Fox News, but I would go a bit futher. I think Jerry Rivers should have gone diving in the Euphrates and not surfaced... There is NO excuse for not reading him daily, and the weekend wimmin are fully clothed - and heart-stopping.

Gotta love the way Cheney bitch-slapped Bela Pelosi for whining. (Big ol' h/t to the Rottie) Nan, if ya don't like the folks that hold the same views as you do - change your views! Even a SF nanny/Granny should be able to figure that out... Maybe she could ask the 5 year old. Then the lefty bloggers *cough*Kirsten Powers*cough* have the unmitigated gall to crank up the WAAAaahhmbulance because Cheney made the remarks outside CONUS. Tell ya what, sweet cheeks, you muzzle KerryGoreCarterClintonClark while they're overseas and we'll talk to Dick about telling the truth only in this country. Deal?

While we're thanking Mischa, he also directed his readers here. Read it and see if you recognize anyone... Ker-plunk is going on my daily rotation for at least a while; if he continues to write like this he'll stay there.

Gotta go fix breakfast now. Have a good 'un.

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