Sunday, February 11, 2007

Surfin' USA

Like most of you, I have a LOT of sites in my bookmark list. Don't read all of them every day (that's the Daily folder), but I try to make the rounds weekly. Today's hat tip goes to Ex-Hollywood Liberal, who is listed in my Cops folder:

This article in The Rant is by medical writer and practicing psychotherapist Joan Swirsky, and deals extensively with the psychopathology of liberals. GREAT read. Explains (sort of) the deep, acidic hate that the unhinged leftists have for GWB.

Also have to give props to our little desert buddies for hosting the Penn and Teller segment on global warming. Keep the Warmies feet in the fire, boys.....with a smile on your faces and songs in your hearts.....

Oh, Algore? I'm proud to be one of the digital brownshirts. Beats being a liberal shithead...

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