Thursday, March 15, 2007

Doin' The Duke

Saddlin' up again. Don't know if me ISP was shaky or my wireless router is playin' headgames on me or both or what, but I called my computer Guru and idly booted up again while we were discussing a plan of attack on the problem - and the freakin' thing started working. So I'll be faking it again.
Cannot believe what a big deal is being made of the US DA firings. They are like most of the very senior (> $115K/yr) gov workers - they serve at the pleasure of the President. Wee Willie didn't get static for having Reno bounce all of the DAs. But then again he's a lib...

Who else hasn't heard much about the surge in Bagdad? Is that a good sign or a bad sign? The milblogs say that even with fewer than half the surge troops in-country yet things are quieting down in Bagdad proper and the teams are even taking over Sadr City (at least temporarily).

Tuesday was loverly, weatherwise. Even got the huntsies out for a stroll. Then it snowed again today. More snow tomorrow.

Happy St Patrick's Day. Don't be an amateur. Be safe.

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