Sunday, March 18, 2007

GOE + 1

Lots of little stuff today and one YOWSAH!!.
Next 2 items I saw over at Dax.
I see the The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority makes the news today. It would appear that Ed Wall, the board chairman has been arrested for sex acts at Hartsfield Airport . Gives a whole new meaning to Atlanta transportation...
“If there’s more than three chords, more than three band members, and more than three albums, it ain’t Rock n Roll.” Being an old fart-but-not-a-musician, I got to agree - so I've been "Chanced".
Tammy runs into the best "meat thing" she ever put in her mouth - and is quite specific as to size. With a recommendation...
The Sea King weighs in with a reasoned article about Halliburton and beer.

The YOWSAH? As the title states - "Gathering of Eagles". Estimated to match or exceed the numbers of the anti-21st century semi-pro protesters. Details at the lovely Ms. Malkins' place or Hot Air. Well done.

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