Saturday, March 17, 2007

Kee-rist back in his Kee-riceler

I see our public servants have once again transcended mere mortal stupidity and taken it to new heights. The Feebs put out a cautionary bulletin that suspected extremists are getting licenses for school buses and buying buses. BUT "Parents and children have nothing to fear." according to an FBI spokesperson.
WTF? Then why the bulletin? Am I the only one other than the Rottie (pbuh) that sees this as cognitively dissonant?

President Bush, when are you going to rein in that nutcase Dean? He's busily doing-a-Kerry and sucking the French petite schwanz. The fact that he's being followed by other delusional democrats (redundancy alert again) doesn't excuse him. Which reminds me, why haven't we keelhauled the Admiral of Chappaquidick for his treasonous behaviour with the Soviets? He's gotten more free passes than Pamela Anderson ever did at an open bar..

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