Friday, March 09, 2007

Kee-ryst in a Kee-riceler

Hoo-boy. Thanks to Kim and RWV, this is what AlGore is up to when he isn't burning jet fuel. This looks like a more naked power grab than the National Socialist Party pulled off in Chermanee. At least they won one election. He intends to use Soros' money and useful fools' support to buy control of the world for his communist agenda. Read it 'n' weep...

Another damn thing. When is the lame stream media gonna get off their ass and cover this ACLU pervert? You know, the one with the toddler rape and torture pictures on his home computer located in his 10 year old son's room? Ex-president of the ACLU board in Virginia who helped set policy - Charles Rust-Tierney? I realize that in the New Jerk Times' world it is a much more heinous crime to IM salacious messages to 20 year old male pages if you're a Republican, but gimme a break. Even the WaPo has an article on it.

This just in - nothing about either story on the broadcast media. Quelle surprise.

Be mad, people. You are being manipulated and lied to by commission AND omission. This will continue until and unless you let the media outlets know you won't play their game anymore. Falling ratings haven't gotten their attention, though, so I don't know what will. Any ideas?

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