Saturday, March 03, 2007

Mo' Satiddy Schtuff

Ran into this howler courtesy of a stop at Tamara's place. Love the way it skewers the Warmies propah. Reminds me, iffen y'all haven't visited the Porch lately, Tam's been on a tear. Go over and have some fun. And then read this about the mess at Walter Reed from Mauser Girl. She used to work there... No surprises for any student of the LSM.

Livey's diggin' out from the global warming in Lake Tomahawk. Read more 'bout her and the bitches.... Hell, read Kim too.

Y'know, Chris Muir's cartoon is my starting page and gives me a reason to go to work (ya, like you never surf before work...). He's got what looks like a hilarious story line going regarding an ex-SOF sniper, a liberal, and an enciente significant other. Read it and feed your funny bone....

Pretty much pimped half of my daily reads. More tomorrow.

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Chris Muir said...

Thanks, Dad!!