Thursday, March 22, 2007


In the words of the late Peggy Lee - is that all there is? The Democrat surrender monkeys whining about 8 of their acolytes being called out for covering/ignoring/not prosecuting voter fraud. The House of Bela Pelosi screwing their courage to the sticking point to bribe RINOs for support of the cut-and-run funding bill. Tawana Sharpton discovering what the rest of America has known for years - that he's freakin' insignificant (and his little Jesse too).

Which part of "serve at the pleasure of the President" are y'all having a hard time comprehending? If I were President Bush, I'd fire another liberal attorney per week until the Democrats figured it out. He'd probably raise his poll numbers because he actually fought back.

More $$ for New Orleans? Are you nuts? Or just planning on getting the grade above sea level by building on top of the money... You spinach producers can suck rocks too. Don't expect the gov to make up your income - t'aint guaranteed.

Kee-ryst, Al, Obama is as pure a liberal weenie as you could ask for. Don't get in a pissing contest with him or you'll be washed away. Don't expect him to be the nominee either, Shrillary will cure that.

This just in - AlGore is still a rabble-rousing, lying, self-serving skin-bag of shit. He's a politico, so those are his good points.


Greybeard said...

A little wager, my friend?
Perhaps a beer at your favorite place, or mine?
Right now I'm bettin' Billary/Osama Obama will be the ticket.


The Old Man said...

Pschidt - meant to say he wouldn't get Top Spot. He'd bring back a good number of black and guilt votes.... Both of which Shrillary could use.
Nope, no bet. But next year the lovely and talented are going to Branson (at least) for a family reunion, so if you're livin' anywhere close, I'd be proud and happy to buy you a brew. But you have next round...

Whaddaya think of Fred Thompson?