Monday, March 26, 2007

Thoughts as I run about...

The Free Marketeer has a rerun on his site that had me yukking it up - and then closed it in the only way possible. Get thee hence and read it.
The Muir Man has done it again. Can't wait to see what epiphany Jan has. It's OK to scare her, Chris, not us (again). You're gonna do what you want, anyway. With style. Nice job on the imbed reports, BTW.
Der Rottmeister has the down-low on the masterful job the Gay Lady did fact-checking another story bashing America. Be of good cheer - at least as (piss-poor) journalists the editorial staff doesn't have to design or make anything useful where failure of the product would endanger lives. That's the unstated career purpose of the journalism-deranged legends-in-their-own-minds. And they are forcing the Times into irrelevancy (and bankruptcy). Thanks, Pinch.

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