Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Back now. Spent the weekend with the daughter and her husband. And her three pugs. And the 2 new pug puppies (one fawn and one black). The fawn one has the market cornered on cute, but the black one has the "Damn the torpedoes - Full Speed Ahead!!" attitude that gets him run over by the other 3 full-sized pugs. I swear, the name of the town she lives in ought to be changed to Pugville. She has 3 plus 2 pups almost ready to be weaned and sold, her MIL has 4, and her husband's grandfather has SEVEN (including 4 pups nearly weaned).

Of course, having Stewie and Scarlett (black pug and red Min Pin, respectively) doesn't exactly make me a disinterested observer....
When is the Tribe going to play at the Jake? Instead we're making money for Bud Selig (yes, I know about the fiction his daughter runs the Brewers...) So far this season I think Harry Doyle and Monty are broadcasting the games....
The Cavs still suck. King James will be gone before you know it. "No championship for YOU...."

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