Sunday, April 15, 2007

America Has Screwed Up (and other stuff..)

You realize that the success of our American republic has been the cause of the scourging of the planet Gaia and plants and animals thereon. The US of A is single-handedly responsible for the deadly liberal. These parasites live on the fruits of real workers. Our society is productive and successful enough to fund these morons out of our surplus wealth even as they are those who would destroy our surplus wealth. Rather than empower people to better themselves they deal in a power struggle to maintain dependant classes of "victim(s)"and have a close "event horizon" for effects of the policies that are expressed and endorsed by libs.
Bah. A pox on all their houses. There is no one candidate I agree with 100% (and I sure as hell don't want the job) - wouldn't expect or desire 100% agreement. Heard good things about Hunter and Thompson (sounds like a purveyor of fine firearms or makers of fine bourbon, dudn't [spelt wrong, but that's how I heered it] it?) but their positions are vague at this point. Looking forward to the Democrat Party free-for-all as each candidate will triangulate and fight for the-right-focus-group-appeal , right Marxian message for the Move-On constituency and the right-to-be-Swift-boated.
I hear the drumbeat set by the MSM and am not impressed by the partisanship displayed. Don't they realize that a naked agenda can only draw like-minded individuals - and the weaker the mind, the more malleable and susceptible to media. I suppose that being up-front with your bias is "speaking truth to power" but I doubt it. Fox News Network makes the liberals foam at the mouth but they're not the ratings leaders for no reason. A minimum of alarm (this is broadcast media we're dealing with - "If it bleeds, it leads! Unless we can show Rove doing a perpwalk...." with what appears to be honest analysis. Sure, I spent some time telling Shep Smith to his pixelated face that he was full of it but a helluva lot less "quality time" with him than I did castigating Dan "Documents" Rather. And Cavuto may be brighter than both political parties' Presidential politician pools (think I hurt myself there...).
I have seen too many "from-the-front" reports to not believe that the change in operations and tactics presages good results. It'll be interesting for the next year over there...

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