Tuesday, April 10, 2007


How many folks recall that Imadinnerjacket of Mad Mullah Country was one of the hostage takers when Jimmah screwed the moose? I'd read that in 2004 when he took power, but I was just reminded of it. What are we thinking? Why isn't this asswipe pushing up daisies??? Our equivalent would be electing Landon LaRouche or David Koresh. At least Dear Buttcheese in the PDRK is semi-harmless. The camel receptacle in charge of MMC wants Armageddon soonest and makes no bones about it. The libs declare that we can trust the words offered to us by tinpot dictators, but don't record the bile and hate spilled forth that doesn't advance their liberal agenda (Mookie, Sharpton, madrasses, Kos, CAIR, french anti-semitic fervor, MoDo, - hell, you've not seen it on the Big Three networks. And not a lot of it on Fox. Rupert has "gone wobbly" on us.).

My opinion. What's yours?

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