Saturday, April 28, 2007

Diplo-Dunk and batcrap

These are the ideas of some of the people who inhabit the State Department even now. Condi ought to pay more attention to the professional bureaucrats. The disdain and cavalier "big picture" attitude of this turd holder is beyond belief. As the Rottie said:

Why not? If we’re going to throw away the 2nd Amendment, we might as well throw out the 4th as well. Good luck finding volunteers for the job, by the way. Somehow, we don’t think their life expectancy will be very high, and we can guarantee you that a member of the New Gestapo won’t be able to find a life insurance company willing to sign him up.

Read the vintage barks as he eviscerates the waste of oxygen. (Little over the top on the ad hominem, but we love him for it)

This 2008 extravaganza approaching has all the earmarks of a real donnybrook, with both sides bemoaning the other side's tactics. May have to disable the radio news stations and national/state/local news. The pitch is high already and we're not even close to nut-cuttin' time. Only Tarleton quarter will be given in the next election - and it may be a mercy that they can't literally shoot the wounded. But stay tuned

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