Sunday, April 01, 2007

More Schtuff

One more day until spring finally arrives for real. No joke. MLB starts the 2007 season Monday, so buckle up and let's ride this puppy. I will admit that I've known since Tampa Bay beat the Tribe in the 7th game of the Series thanks to Joe Table that I won't live to see the Indians win the Series. I also won't live to see the Browns in a Super Bowl. Not win it, mind, but get there. Horseface and the Broncos fixed that... BTW - the Cavs suck too. They have all the guts of the Blair government facing Iran and will get rumbled in the first playoff round. Nobody on the Cleveland sports scene appears to have the fire in the belly or eye of the tiger or whatever. Except maybe Drennan .
Speaking of Blair, what the hell is going on in GB? Slap an armature between the knees of that dead half-American politico Churchill and he could power half the country he's spinning in his grave so fast. As the Rabbi says: England's new war motto is "We shall not fight them on the beaches, we shall not fight them on the seas" (hat tip to the Rottie). Tis enough to gag a maggot, it is. And thanks to the Democrats and liberals, the US of A isn't far behind Jollie Auld.
Just in case you aren't cheesed off enough, here's one for my buddy Greybeard. Mostly Cajun over at the bayou has an interesting post about aircraft and global warming and spokesturkies. If your blood pressure is a little low you might want to go there..
I see the Friends of Bela Pelosi are still beating on the President and Gonzales with an empenada about his legal firing of the US attorneys. I guess we're looking at 20 months of bullshit hype from the Democrats leading up to the 2008 election. Telebangbang is unwatchable now and radio almost unlistenable, with the amount of sucking up aimed at the liberals. But this, too, shall pass.

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Greybeard said...

Poor Travolta-
He's the latest fish in the barrel. That'll teach him to open his mouth!
Wonder why he left his 707 in Qantas livery?

Thanks for sharing the link, pal.