Thursday, April 05, 2007

Not Cheerful Today

Duh. So far between the Brits, Bela Pelosi, "John-I'm-an-ex-POW-McCain", AlGore, I'madinnerjacket, and the rest of the the buzzwads, seems to me that we are in for some real interesting times. If I personally had a crystal ball, I I'd probably see 5-7 years of attacks from fundie Islamists followed by dhimmitude by most of the continent of Europe. Meanwhile, open Mexican (and to a FAR smaller extent) Canadian borders will screw us - and it will get very bad after a BIPARTISAN bill is passed for illegal aliens to get citizenship RFQ. This will go down around 2009, judging from the present political climate.
After the US of A loses the Immie Wars, California, New Mexico, and Arizona (and at least one surprise state) will secede from the US and form an small power called something like Aztal.
Meanwhile, thirty percent of the residents make 95 percent of the money. Another 30 percent are shadow workers. Ten percent direct the lives of everyone else.
Thirty percent are living on the dole. This is not a good thing, as those folks are the ones that can vote themselves bread and circuses.
This happens to be where Great Britain is at. At least in my view. The story regarding the teachers not teaching anything regarding the Holocaust because-it-may-upset-the-Muslim-students strikes me as the British Isles "jumping the shark" as a First World power. Now Great Britain seems to be on a par with France.
Some of us in blue areas (aka Cleveland) will do our best to hold out of the onrushing liberal wave. Then we'll do better...

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