Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday Grazing

This little gem is remarkably informative regarding the Warmies. Read it for an "Aha! Maybeso..." moment. I don't credit them with that much foresight and planning, but surely that much desire for power and a methodology to hold it through the Big Lie. Makes more sense than the Truthers' bulltwinkie..
A big hairy smooch to the Floating Baby Head - She's ba-ack! Great to have you on Ye Olde 'Net again, Rache. The joint hasn't been the same without you. At 35 you're just entering your best years - take ya a long time to catch up to me!
Cookie has got great recipes and fair jokes. Stop by his hootch. I loves me some meatloaf too...
Courtesy of the Rottie, I found out I'm not the only one who feels like Brian the Sailor. If you don't agree, y'all probably haven't understood many of my posts...
Y'know, at times GWB has disappointed me badly even though I'm glad he beat "Woodman" Gore and Swifty Boy. But shit like this makes me wonder what the hell the essential difference would be other than the Lame Stream Media ignoring the stupidities of a Democrat president. If W doesn't want to kill the GOP dead as the Whigs, he'd best consolidate his fecal matter and quit pandering to La Raza and azzoles of that ilk. Otherwise we won't have a US of A to defend from the Islamofascists. Wouldn't THAT be a hella legacy...
The Democrat Defeat Special keeps rollin' down the tracks without brakes. Hell, even Joe Lieberman has more of a clue to what's going on - and he was a Democrat fair-haired boy.

Time to read the fishwrap... Have a good Sunday.

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Brian the sailor said...

Thank you so much for that link.
On another point you made, the reason so many Republicans crossed the aisle and voted for Joe Lieberman isn't because he wasn't that fruitcake whose name escapes me.
It's because they believed he was a man of character.
Even though they might disagree, good Americans will vote for the right guy. And, I cheer for the newly elected conservative Democrats.
Take back your party!

Oh, I'm sorry. I thought I was ranting on my site.