Sunday, June 03, 2007


Dem Cong are definitely one of the USA's most dangerous groups. Dangerous to Truth, Justice, and the American Way.
John "Haircut" Edwards - "The War on Terror is only a Bush bumper sticker"
Jimmah SFB* - "George Bush is the worst president in history"
AlGore and his Warmie lie
John the Waffle's existence
The Admiral of Chappaquidic's legacy-driven ego

On the other side, the best-sounding (non-)candidate is an actor. Not a B-movie actor (ex-governor) like Reagan, but a TV actor ex-senator. Didn't like his stand on Feingold-McCain but anybody who can slap down Fat Boy that quickly and thoroughly is a good actor.
Right at the moment I see potentially deadly threats to the essence of the United States (chiefly Islamofascim and illegal immigration), not problems easily dealt with by hack partisan politicians of every brand. Hell, John Bolton should be SecState and Ted Nugent SecDef in a proper world. We need statesmen, and since there don't seem to be any left we need cast-iron sons-of-bitches like Ernie King, Vinegar Joe, and Pershing. Halp us, not-John-Kerry!
But the outlook is dismal and the other shoe(s) will drop so we had best prepare for the worst. Don't want to be a half-full-glass kinda guy, but the freakin' thing is leakin'.

Happy Sunday. (Nice job, Cavs.)

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