Saturday, June 09, 2007

And Another Thing

I see the amnesty bill has been pronounced DOA in Congress. Pony pucks. Dem Cong and their sister tribe the RINOs will not quit until they've feathered their electoral nest and assured their continued power. Watch these rectum raiders real closely - especially Reid and Chucky. Don't take your eye off Dubya either. His antics over this issue have put the frost on my pumpkins and worry for the Republic on my front burner. The fact that the Gray Bitch bemoans the loss of the great giveaway program by calling opponents of the bill Nazis only reinforces the lovely feeling that I'm right. The NYT hasn't been on the proper side of a political argument since Walt Duranty bent over and grabbed his ankles for the original Nazis in the 1930s.
AAT - I may have the symptoms of Bush Estrangement Syndrome. But he's acting more like a Yay-who every day. Oughta bitch-slap Putin AND Pelosi.....
AAT - so now the Blue Angels are unsafe fliers and shouldn't be authorized to fly over the Frisco Section of the Land of LaLa? Seems one of the Board of Supervisors (with a name like that, they're WAY overpaid) named Chris Daly has decided he wants to halt the flyovers held during Fleet Week since 1981 because "they seem dangerous and unecessary". Wants to pass a non-binding resolution to "state(s) a Board position". He is working at the behest of Code Pink and Veterans for Peace. Well, unknot your manties, Chrissy. The Angels couldn't be anymore dangerous than all those sailors and marines on the streets of San Fran Freako spending money during Fleet Week - so the Solomonic decision would be to move the whole shebang to a city that wants to host it. Chrissy is keepin' the faith out there in Granolaville - following the decision not to berth the USS Iowa as a floating museum in 2005 and outlawing the JROTC program last year, as well as a Board resolution calling for the immediate withdrawal of the troops from Iraq. Let's help the poor put-upon peaceniks out.... Take Fleet Week out and the Angels with it. All military functions and procurements in the city of SF to be moved immediately out of the greater SF area. Permit recruiters on college and high school campuses in SF - or lose federal funds for education. (Gotta stop federal payment for fixin' the Interstates there too - after all, Ike designed them after the autobahn system to permit high-speed military convoys to cross the USA quickly.) Seems they should have gotten the idea in December, but they are products of their own public school "system".

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Greybeard said...

Man, are you and I joined at the hip?!

I hadn't yet read your post when I published this, and I come here to find you in a "mind-meld" with me!

"The South will rise again!"
I'm thinkin' somewhere around Wetumpka would be a nice place to settle!