Friday, June 22, 2007

Asshattery in Washington

The Striped-Pants boys (and girls) have gone WAY too far this time. Looks like Condi is gonna have to grab them by their poor excuses for 'nads and force them to fill the authorized staffing level at the Baghdad embassy. Seems the Foggy Bottom contingent was against the Iraqi war so have been draggin' feet, obfuscating, and generally acting like spoiled brats, cryin' because some of 'em claimed PTSD after returning from the Green Zone. Must have been due to the lack of aperitifs... The happy-assed union (American Foreign Service Association) is said to be warning volunteers for the positions of "possible career damage".
Shitheads. The diplo-dunk tour is only 12 months - and no involuntary extensions. Sack up, children, or get the phuque out. It's called "public service", asshats, not "personal aggrandizement". Or get the hell out of the way and let the adults handle it.

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Brian the Sailor said...

I wish I had a better comment to leave than a hearty chuckle, but I can't improve on that post.
Good on ya Dad.