Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dem Cong - The Leadership

Un-freakin-real. The wholesale surrender of everything that Americans hold dear is flowing from Senate Major-League Azzole Harry Reid. He referred to 12 million undocumented Americans on the floor of the Senate. The reason this bozo is not on trial for treason is what? He doesn't just want to cut-n-run from Iraq, he wants to turn our entire country over to criminals. Is it just me? Or is this COMPLETELY INSANE??? Yes, I know, we can't deport all of the illegals. But removing legal employment for illegals and removing "anchor baby" status would help considerably. Oh, and tax the remittances that are sent out of the country to Mexico and other countries as well as demanding proof of citizenship prior to issuing any welfare benefits. Reciprocity of Mexico's draconian immigration laws is beyond the pale, of course, but pleasant to contemplate...
Oh, on the GOP debate? Any buttcheese that buys off on the Warmies' human-caused climate change should repeat 6th grade science class untill they can define hypothesis and scientific method. Hang the lot of 'em - starting with that fruit-loop McCain.

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