Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

Hello mudder

Hello fadder

Here we are at

Father's Day.....

(Channeling a bad Allen Sherman)

I'ma gonna preach to the Kwire a leetle bit and then tangent off.

If you think being a babydaddy is being a father, you're wrong. If your children aren't fed and clothed thanks to you as a father, you're wrong. (No knock on single mothers - unless they're dead/incapacitated fathers own half of the growing-of-children.) If your children aren't getting guidance in a strong moral code, you're wrong. If that moral code does not include protection of the weaker members and the equality of opportunity for all members of that society, you're wrong. Fathers must love and care for their children at least until they are grandfathers. (Then all hell's out for noon....) Make every day Father's (Responsibility) Day. End of sermon.

Rachel's got a great Sunny-the-Ridgeback story. Go check it out.

I see the nutroots have been given fresh meat by the almost-Kucinich Harry Reid. Seems like the Harr-ball has decided that Gens. Pace and Petraeus are incompetent. My guess is he was lookin' in a mirror or at a photo of him, the Admiral of Chappaquidick, and Arlene Spectator when he made that grandiose pronouncement in front of the KosKids and their ilk. But he's eminently qualified; never having served any military time - but he did play Stratego once.. (French Stratego, where the flags are always white.) Go here if you have anything to say to your senator or congresscritter - you know you want to.... Vent a little. (H/T Rottie.)
Does anybody really think that Tancredo's poke-in-the-eye of the sanctuary cities will be enacted? I'd dearly love to see that case go to a strict Constitutionalist SC. But Bader-Ginsberg is doin' her damnedest to survive until a Democrat is at 1600 again. OTOH, a SC nomination battle between now and the election would be a great thing. Bet that would put W back on the list of 100 most influential Americans...
Enjoy your families, enjoy the day, hell - enjoy your life. See y'all next week.

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