Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Treading on the Electorate

Why those fair-haired sunzabitches. Dem Cong and RINO alike. Seems they didn't believe that a majority of the American electorate is on the side opposing their nanny-statism and "we know what's best for you rubes in flyover country" and did whatthhell their monetary masters bid them to. Don't EVEN get me started on how this one law-to-be will zorch Dubya's "legacy" to the level of the P-Nut Man's. George started out well, but has seriously screwed the moose on this legislation. I'm so honked off right now by the utter disregard of the elected chatterers for the electorate's opinions and desires that I'm wishing the Brits would come back and finish the job they started in 1812. Would be easy enough to sneak in over the Canadian border.... Or the Mexican.
With next year being an election year, I can see why the congress critters wanted to pass it this year so they can spend next year sprinkling fairy dust on the voters, hoping to bamboozle their way back into power. The crying shame is that it works, or often enough to make it the strategy of choice. Look at the Admiral of Chappaquidic....
Molon labe, shit-heads, molon labe. It ends now.

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