Friday, June 29, 2007

Whaddya think?

Did the American electorate win yesterday? Or will the amnesty bill rise again from the dead? Or will it be passed piecemeal as amendments on other bills?
One thing is diddly-damned sure - the problem is not going to disappear. And there is no cheap, easy solution. Gotta start with the border and shutting that down. No more "catch-and-release" crap for illegals. Really whack the employers of illegals with a stiff enough fine to force them to clean up their act or close their doors. Make it impossible for illegals to make a legal living in this country. Translate the Mexican immigration laws into English and adopt and enforce them like Mexico does.
I imagine that the chattering classes would have a whole different take on illegals if they were working as lawyers, bankers, brokers, college professors and actors instead of nannies, ag workers, meatpackers, poolboys and drywall hangers. Seems to me that if it's the chatterers' ox being gored, it's a crisis - if it's the non-Coastal-elite flyover folks' ox being gored, it's business as usual. Right, Admiral? Whaddaya say, Ketchup Boy? Howzabout you, Carpetbagger-in-NY?
In a perfect world, this issue would be deader than AlGore's delivery or Mikey Moore-on's credibility.
The world ain't perfect.....

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