Tuesday, July 10, 2007

And Another Thing

For the Warmies (can you tell I love 'em?) in the crowd courtesy of the Kobayashi Maru:

Ten Yes/No Questions For the Warmies

1. Is the planet warming up?
2. Will this forecasted change cause more harm than good?
3. Are we certain that this trend is a long-term one and that it will continue?
4. Can non-human causes be entirely or substantially ruled out?
5. Do we have the means to alter planetary climate?
6. Can we do so significantly, precisely and predictably with current approaches?
7. Will the proposed resources (and opportunity costs) devoted to reducing carbon emissions save more lives than if applied to other problems (e.g., malaria reduction)?
8. Are we certain that investment in research (application of human ingenuity) will not yield more cost-effective means of addressing the problem in the future? (i.e., rather than attempting to tackle it with currently available knowledge and solutions)
9. Should a collectivist solution be preferred over one that relies on free market forces?
10. Should some nations or groups be exempt from contributing to fixing a global problem?

Read the WHOLE thing.... And then find a Warmie....

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