Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sunday Nanu-nanu

I love this line from Ralph Peters:

"Of course, those men and women in uniform on the streets of Baghdad or Ramadi don't know what's going on in Iraq. The only clear view is from a D.C. steakhouse. "

Kinda puts the chattering asses in perspective. Good read; I don't always agree with the colonel but he often strikes the black.
It appears to me that an amendment very similar to the 22nd has to be passed to dynamite these incestuous azzoles out of their money-generation-machine slots. Yes, I'm looking at YOU, Admiral of Chappaquidick. Cap it at 4 terms for congress critters and 2 terms for senators. With a pay scale of 4 and 5 times (respectively) of the median income of the US. No special travel allowances - just standard per diem and the chance to use the government discount at the Holiday Inn. Hell, go whole hog and do it like Nevada, where the legislature is limited by law to meet only a certain number of days per year.

Since Fat Mike approves of the Cuban medical system, give 'im dysentery... Then let 'im buy his way to health as he did for his mockumentary. Hell, when Castro got sick last year, he flew in a specialist from Spain...

Building the lovely-and-talented a waterfall to go with her pond. Got some freebie sandstone. Already have a pump. Bought some Quickrete. Now I have to fake it....
Time for brekkie. Bob Evans has a good sausage breakfast burrito that only need a little Brother Bru-bru's to make right. Enjoy your day.

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