Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thoughts while Drivin'

Another vagrant thought or so on the Gorebot. The Warmies are losing the battle to remove large chunks of money from the western economy to "save the polar bears". I also understand the 9-city exercise in futility invented by AlGore is going to achieve his goal - "raising awareness about climate change and the cures". (Libspeak for initial glowbull wormening indoctrination.) On the udder hand, who knew a Prius was good for 100+ mph? Look for AG2 to run again - because he still believes he won last time.
Right now the Democrat Party is busily destroying America and itself. If America wins, they lose. If they win, America loses. The future is self-selecting itself in the military and some colleges. Yeah, they ain't all paragons (neither was any body of people in history) but a sense of duty to this country is strong in some of the latest generation. Hopefully they will learn from their parental units' mistakes. All we have to do is keep 'em free to deal with the future.

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