Friday, July 13, 2007

Where is the 12th Imam?

The time is well past that the American electorate gets less of the CAIR waaahmbulance and Islamofascist approval from the MSM. It's time for some 21st century mullah to discover that it is imperative for hadjis to put away 11th century attitudes. A tribal structure is internally destructive to freedom and responsibility. Supposedly "submission" is the true meaning of Islam. In Wahabism all must accede to the will of the prophet or die. This is not a winning strategy in life more complicated that subsistence farming. A new imam must arise who teaches co-existence and competition beats societal suicide. Or racial (as in human race) suicide. One that calls for loving and nurturing of Islamic children instead of training them to die.

The alternative doesn't bear thinking about. Either civilization or barbarism shall endure - not both.

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