Sunday, July 15, 2007

Why Can't We be More Like the Amish?

I've about had a bellyful of the antics of some of the booger-eatin' moe-rons in this country. San Fein-stein-co and Ted Rall have really pushed my hot buttons. Seems to me that an old-fashioned remedy should be used on these modern-day ass-clowns.

Shun them. Have bupkus to do with them. As far as the rest of the country is concerned, they have no reality or existence. No doubt Rall could be employed as a shill for Red Ken in Jolly Olde but Feinstein would have to find a more specialized niche for her corrupted little soul, say the UN. The UN specializes in mealy-mouthed pious platitudes while stealing and murdering - she'd fit right in there. Or maybe she could be part of the Jimmah Cah-tah Surrender Tour. Two socialist assholes for the price of one!
Hell, Teddy-boy could continue his wildly-successful missed-a-Pulitzer-by-that-much career illustrating the border crossing comics for the Mexican government. Everybody wins in that case except the illegals. They'd have to put up with some really poor illustrations..... One might be tempted to say piss-poor.
Well, it's time for the famous cold pizza breakfast. Have a good one as I gird my loins to return to work tomorrow....

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