Sunday, August 19, 2007

Attention in the Company Area

I'm pretty fussy about the blogs/sites I read daily due to time constraints. I check Townhall for Mike Adams' column and Babs for some feminine southern-fried reality but only if a site really grabs me does it get put on the right side of the Deadpool. One such keeper being added today is Ker-plunk. I found it as a link from the Rifleman and have checked it daily since then. My bad for not adding Jack before. Whether your interests lie in beating down the Warmie buttcheeses, figuring the odds on the next election in Oz, or groovin' to some bet-you-never-heard-of-em Aussie rock Jack Lacton is your best stop. Be sure to read "10 Signs You're A Moral Idiot". Tell 'im the Old Man sent ya...

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