Friday, August 17, 2007

Hi-de-ho, neighbors

I'm in the enchanted land of Colorado Springs finishing up a week of training. Bloody lovely scenery and countryside but too freakin' dry for my sinuses to exist in harmony with the Cosmic All. Probably have to re-acclimate after I return tomorrow.
Went to Pike's Peak on Sunday - very cool, but hella long way down. Will post pics after I get them from the guys with the digital cameras. Yes, I'm a Luddite in a lot of respects - a Sony Mavica the size of a pickup is my camera, but as long as my desktop takes 3.5" disks I'll use it. No cell phone although wife and kids have one each. This laptop is a coupla years old and I agonized over spending the $$ for that. (Worked out well, though, I think.)
I noticed all the hoo-hah about military suicides was very careful not to compare the rate to their civilian cohort...
My latest/greatest time-waster now is Guild Wars. Fun sword-n-sorcery web-based game w/ no monthly fees. Play online with my computer guru and his daughter. Check it out if you like that sort of thing. Has the Old Man's stamp of approval.
Gotta head for class. Be nice and pick up after yourselves...

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