Friday, September 07, 2007


Runnin' head-on into the weekend. The Post is having a clambake this weekend and a spaghetti dinner tonight plus a meeting this week makes it a Legion week-weekend. Not even 2 hours on Guild Wars this week.
Any one surprised by the Hsu-salesman skipping bail (a measly $2 mil) should please answer a courtesy telephone call at a courtesy phone in Paris. You're too clueless to hang with Americans. And take Shrillary and Bill witcha.
Still don't like Fred's comment re: anti-gay marriage amendment - enough already; and even if the gay population is 10% as is claimed, it ain't worth a constitutional amendment. Save that for important stuff. But Fred has a lot of ground to cover - and will be compared to RR no matter what he does because of a shared acting background. A Thompson-Guiliani ticket is an interesting thought experiment....

Gotta run.

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